Tamil Intermediate Tomatis Group Class-Starts Tomorrow

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access_time Every Tue, Fri @ 11:00 AM from Aug 20
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Our Intermediate Tamil class starts tomorrow on the 20th of August.
It will take place every Tuesday and Friday from 11 am to 12.30 pm.
We have three places available.  
Come half an hour early to register and learn how to use the headphones.
Please announce this on the Radio.
So what exactly is a “Group Tomatis Class”?  It is a regular class, except that students and the teacher will all have special Tomatis headphones connected to the Tomatis Electronic Ear (EE) and have microphones to speak into.  The EE “imposes” the settings/parameters of the language being taught, thus giving a very precise way of listening, like that of a native speaker. And since, according to Tomatis, the ear controls the voice, our voice gets modified as we speak, in response.  Pronunciation becomes more precise; the flow of the language and expression improve.  Attention, concentration, and memory improve as well.  It intensifies the teaching and collective learning experience, bringing people in tune with each other – on the same wavelength as it were - and most importantly, hastens language learning.  Of course, in true Tomatis style, all classes will start with a bit of music in the beginning and in the end, to relax.  
Here are some pictures of what it looks like:
Here is Feedback from one of our students after attending the group Tomatis class for beginners.
This is from Jasmin 
Vanakkam Saravanan and all,
As requested, some feedback on our Beginners’ Tamil class with Tomatis support:
First of all, a huge thank-you to Saravanan and the Language Lab for creating this opportunity to learn Tamil and for the warm welcome offered to us all throughout. For me this was more than a language class - I felt really I was with family!! A wonderful and thoroughly nurturing experience. Promise and fore-taste of true Auroville…!
Some aspects I particularly appreciated:
- The Tomatis listening (loved the Kanakadhara Stotram and Mozart!) and greatly appreciated the extra hour of listening offered on Saturdays
- the clear and simple introduction into basic Tamil grammar, and well-structured course
- the booklet ‘Fun with Tamil’ as a base and reference
- Saravanan’s attitude - always so positive, encouraging, and infinitely patient :-)
- my classmates, each one bringing such a lovely spirit, openness and spontaneity
- the discussions we had, which at times went beyond Tamil language but are essential to how we deal with multiculturalism and how we build Auroville. (Thank you Saravanan for allowing them!)
After a few short-lived attempts at picking up Tamil, but always missing grammar, this has been for me the first systematic course, ending a long-standing paralysis in which I was unable to have basic conversations due to a total lack of grammar (not knowing how to conjugate verbs or form a past or future tense etc). I have now started to recognize more and more words and phrases and understand bits and pieces of conversations. 
Now there is only one need: to assimilate what we have been taught and practice, practice, practice!
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