JIVA- Integral regression therapy with Sigrid

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Transformational sessions
Integral regression therapy enable conscious access to a persons memory, which then can be worked with therapeutically. This work can address issues of experiences still influencing a person today like fears and phobias, addictions, trauma, inner child work, pre-natal experiences, past lives, whereas it can serve to regain perspective of trauma and discover personal resources and strengths.Integral regression therapy is a modern client centered approach, which ties in with other therapeutic modalities such as Inner Child Work, Energy Work, Constellation Work.
These therapy sessions are intense, marked by rooting the client in his own resources for healing and integration and thus ensuring longlasting effects.
Sigrid Lindemann has developed this approach, integrating trauma therapy, transpersonal regression therapy (Tasso International) and advanced homeopathy (Sensation Method) with the Integral Yoga.

Sigrid Lindemann is an international researcher and teacher in Sensation Method, and trained as a teacher for transpersonal regression therapy.
Sessions are free for Aurovilians and Newcomers, since 2001
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