Veda and Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga

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Dear friends,

Welcome to join us at next Sanskritam Auroville session by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra. This month we will continue our exploration of: Veda and Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga (Part 4).

"I seek not science, not religion, not Theosophy, but Veda—the truth about Brahman, not only about His essentiality, but about His manifestation, not a lamp on the way to the forest, but a light and a guide to joy and action in the world, the truth which is beyond opinion, the knowledge which all thought strives after — yasmin vijïate sarvam vijïatam . I believe that Veda to be the foundation of the Sanatan Dharma; I believe it to be the concealed divinity within Hinduism,—but a veil has to be drawn aside, a curtain has to be lifted. I believe it to be knowable and discoverable. I believe the future of India and the world to depend on its discovery and on its application, not to the renunciation of life, but to life in the world and among men.”
— Sri Aurobindo (Essays Divine and Human, Vol. 12 [CWSA], P. 62)

Date: Saturday, 28 December, 2019
Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Venue: Sangam Hall, Savitri Bhavan
All are welcome. Having attended previous workshops or knowledge of Sanskrit is not a requirement as the instructions will be in English.

For a deeper study of the Veda, you can visit and also download a mobile app for self-study.

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Anandi, Aravinda, Deven and Radhika
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