Make edible and cleaning bio-enzyme at home

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access_time Nov 10, Sun @ 10:00 AM
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Dears friends, 

Sign up for the following home-made bio-enzyme session, if you are keenly interested and prepared to join.

Make our own edible bio-enzyme from various fruits & zero-waste bio-enzyme from fruit & veg peels for all purpose cleaning, e.g. washing veggies and fruits, dishes, floor, walls, adding to plants, enriching soil, and as shampoo. Great for use at home, community kitchens and restaurants.

This time, we will visit Rong at her home, who, for years, has been making, using and sharing knowledge and bio-enzyme with interested community members. 

*Please bring your wide-mouth plastic bottle with a continuous thread cap, jaggery and fresh fruits for making your own bio-enzyme to take home with. The ratio of jaggery, fresh fruits and water is 1:3:10. Please make sure to bring just enough for filling up 2/3 of your bottle. 

*Contribution welcome to cover expenses and for possibility to organize future events.

Time: 10am-12 noon, 10 November (Sunday)
Venue: Rong’s home
Participants: 6

Please register with Anandi Zhang before Saturday 9 November, and get to know where to meet for this session (near Vérité).

Whatsapp Only: +91 8940285201

  • Organizing Group: Roots Auroville
  • Phone: 8940285201(Whatsapp Only)
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