3 Session Pranayama Webinar with JV

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Aurinoco Webinars - 3 Session Pranayama with JV

7 AM - 8AM on 20th Sep (Sunday), 21st Sep (Monday) & 22 Sep Aug (Tuesday)

“It is in good health that the way to transformation is found” The Mother

This workshop introduces you to an integrated Yoga practice consisting of 

·       Easy-to-do exercises based on yoga for flexibility

·       Eight simple but powerful Pranayama practices

·       Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation) to let go of stress and recharge yourself 

It can be practiced by people of any age. Pranayama improves lung capacity and lung efficiency. The benefits include reduction in stress, enhanced energy level and improved wellbeing. Sustained practice reduces the breathing rate – the key to retarding the aging process and boosting immunity.

Intended outcome

You will gain confidence to practice on your own.

By practicing for about thirty minutes per day, you enjoy a new level of wellbeing.

 This webinar is free and open to all. No registration is required. Please have your breakfast only after the Pranayama session. 

How to join the webinar?

You can join the webinar on your computer or lap top or Android or Apple smart phone using Google Meet. Please note that you need Chrome browser in your computer. If you want to join on smart phone, please download and use Google Meet App.

To join the Webinar, click on

IMPORTANT: Please familiarize yourself with muting/un-muting of Audio and Video. If you are using a phone, please put it in speaker mode. The icons of microphone, red disconnect button and speaker disappear after some time. To get them back, tap on the screen. 

About the Facilitator JV lived in Auroville from 2007 to 2016. He has been facilitating workshops and retreats in Auroville since 2008. 

Aurinoco Webinars is a new initiative to leverage the internet and fiber optic network of Auroville in the current situation to bring opportunities for ‘unending education’ directly to your residence. 

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