An Introduction To Silent Meditation With OSiva

location_on Vérité
access_time Every Sat @ 05:00 PM from Jan 23
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 Based on the principles of Vipassana with O’Siva at Vérité, 
Get a taste of the essence of a unique meditation technique that uses the body as an entry point to connect with your Inner Being. You will learn how to witness your breath to relax your body and mind, how to scan your body part by part to observe the energy of the body and spirit, and how to bring clarity, love and compassion to yourself and others. O’siva guides you from action to stillness through active meditation (walking and dancing) to energize the body while maintaining awareness, promoting relaxation, peace and harmony in a true celebration of Silence. 

A brief bio
O’Siva began practicing meditation and painting from an early age, inspired by from his father (meditator) and mother (karmayogi). Since childhood, his path has been about contacting and working with the true nature of the Being through laughter, dance, painting and meditation. Since his teens, O’siva has been traveling to many Ashrams and holy places, meeting with meditation masters and learning different meditation techniques. The richness of this accumulation of experiences, together with a deepening of his own practice, led him to develop his own way of teaching mediation. O’siva has been sharing his knowledge for several year, both in his village of Kuilapalayam and within Auroville.