Foot Reflexology Training with Ananda

location_on Quiet Healing Center
access_time Jan 25, Mon @ 09:00 AM
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Monday 25 –- Friday 29 January 2021 (9.00 am –- 4.30 pm)
Holistic Foot Reflexology is deeply relaxing, healing & balancing tool for body-mind-energy. With meditative presence, loving energy & by activating and relaxing nerve endpoints, lymphatic nodes and energy points in hands and feet, we support harmonizing internal organs, blood circulation, nervous, hormonal, lymphatic systems and boost immunity.

You will explore and deepen your knowledge about:
* anatomy of the physical and energy bodies in relation to yogic science;
* warmup, self-healing techniques and use of supportive tools;
* reflexology techniques & sequence for organs, nerves, hormones;
* specific sequence for lymphatic flush drainage & energy balancing;
* reading various body types and variations in approaches to apply;
* meditations to be open channel of sensitivity, presence and loving energy;
* and effective ways to give deep healing sessions effortlessly.

No previous experience required.

Ananda is a meditator, facilitator and therapist, focusing on wellness and connecting with one's inner essence through body, mind, emotions and energy.

He started his journey long ago to travel inside and outside, exploring various forms of yoga, meditation, mystics and energetic spaces. Practicing healing sessions for over 10 years, Ananda is professionally trained with international certifications for various forms of healing such as Watsu, Aquawellness, Foot Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing, Alchemy of Touch – Rebalancing.

Having left behind his profession as a software architect 5 years ago, he shares his meditation retreats and re-balancing across India, Vietnam and Europe to connect with the essence of love and freedom inside.

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