JIVA Feasting on Light with Elitom Elamin

location_on Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
access_time Every Sun, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat @ 08:00 AM from Apr 07
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LIVE & ON-LINE Retreats on Fasting and Pranic Life-style in Auroville 
Guest speaker Elitom Elamin, an internationally ackowledged expert on prolonged fasting and the breatharian lifestyle. 
Breatharianism or Pranic living refers to the practice of harnessing energy or Prana instead of dense physical foods to nourish the body. Once reserved for yogis, food freedom is gaining increasing recognition as the key to better health, resourcefulness and freedom. It may also be the key to our evolution into a more harmonious and sustainable planet. 
“Nourished by Source” (Introductory Level) - April 7-11 
An in-depth introduction to the foundations of energy cultivation and food freedom. Suitable for people with little or no experience of fasting. Fasting is not a requirement during this retreat 
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