Watsu® & OBA® Basic with Dariya & Daniel

location_on Quiet Healing Center
access_time Jan 25, Wed @ 08:30 AM
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Wednesday 25 - Monday 30 January 2023 (8.30 am - 1.30 pm: 31 hours)
 Watsu & OBA are aquatic bodywork modalities given in a warm water pool (ideally 35°C). Watsu, during which your face always stays on the surface, introduces the qualities and body mechanics required to work with someone in water in order to create a profound state of both physical and mental relaxation. During the OBA part you are also brought under water (with a nose clip), which offers a unique experience.
 In this course, you will practice basic techniques and qualities (grounding, presence, stillness, movement, attention) of being and moving another body in water. You will experience floating other people and being floated, on the surface and under water, thereby creating space for deep relaxation and nurturing body, mind and spirit.

Watsu & OBA offer an opportunity for profound relaxation and letting go, for building trust, for being nurtured and held, for expanding inner and outer boundaries, for releasing emotions and traumas – ultimately, for freeing body and mind in a flow unique to each person and each session.

Participants in this course often appreciate the group space, which fosters deep, meaningful, and nurturing connections.

No previous experience required (also no need to be able to swim)!