Deep Nourishing - Earth & Water Retreat with Dariya

location_on Quiet Healing Center
access_time Oct 22, Fri @ 03:00 PM
visibility Published for Public
Friday 22 October (3 pm) - Monday 25 October (noon)

 Reconnecting to the inner resources and awakening a sense of celebration, gratitude, and honouring the sacred in daily life…

 This RESIDENTIAL retreat includes: 

  • Embodied practices: dance, movement, aquatic explorations, breath work, meditation, rituals…
  • Deep listening: relaxing and giving space to feelings & inner wisdom
  • Being and expressing yourself in your unique, authentic ways
  • Beautiful space with nourishing food
  • Creating a “Vision Board” – visual imprint of next intentions on the path
  • You might walk away feeling nurtured and deeply connected…
Coming out of this retreat I feel centered, grounded, energised, empowered and inspired. I am so grateful to you for creating such a safe space that enabled us to surrender and allow whatever needed to rise to the surface. And support us in meeting this with acceptance, compassion and kindness... There was a beautiful sense of community and connection that developed and I felt unconditionally accepted by everyone involved, which has had a profound impact on me.” Student of body-mind-spirit modalities