Multidimensional Shambhala Reiki with Pierre

location_on Quiet Healing Center
access_time Oct 31, Sun @ 09:00 AM
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Sunday 31 October (9.00 am - 5.00 pm)

Reiki is a technique using Universal Energy or Life Force. It promotes healing and offers a deep relaxation as well as grounding. 

Multidimensional Shambhala Reiki is not only a healing system; it also represents a way of accelerating your spiritual development. You will quickly feel the effects of the Shambhala Reiki practice and integrate a new paradigm shift that brings you to live in the Heart. 

Practicing Shambhala Reiki has a deep spiritual nature and may be used by everyone seeking inner progress. It creates a strong connection to your higher self, has powerful healing energies, and stimulates unconditional love.

Prerequisite: a free individual introduction session with the teacher on Saturday afternoon!
Max.: 4 participants 
Call Pierre at +91 6382101644 for more information.