Being Happier

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Aurinoco Webinars

Being Happier 

6:15PM to 7:15 PM on 22nd Oct (Friday), 23rd Oct (Sat) & 24th Oct (Sunday) 

Is it futile, like trying to be taller? Or is it possible to be happier?  Science says “Yes. It is possible to be happier in the current situations and circumstances”; validating the ancient wisdom. 

A happy life goes beyond pleasures and positive emotions. It includes satisfying work, fulfilling relationships, meaningful aspirations and accomplishments. This webinar introduces you to the science of being happier and it’s utility in our everyday lives. It is a non-religious event, with emphasis on ‘how to be happier’ that explores exercises of proven efficacy. Practicing the easy-to-do exercises boosts your happiness. 

Friday: Science of happiness, common misconceptions, exercise for more positive emotions 

Saturday: Happiness in work and relationships 

Sunday: Meaningful aspirations and accomplishment 

In the spirit of Auroville, this event is open to all and free. No registration is required. Please do share with others who could be interested. 

Please join the webinar in time and attend all the sessions to be happier. 

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Meeting ID: 967 7219 1307 

Passcode: wellth 

About the facilitator: JV Avadhanulu has been facilitating workshops in the area of wellbeing since 2008. More than 10,000 people attended the events facilitated by him in India and abroad. For more: 


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