Film - 'Mediatations on Savitri Book 2 Cantos 7, 9-15' at Savitri Bhavan

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Monday, 6 December 2021, 4pm at Savitri Bhavan.
Duration: 42min.
The Descent Into Night,
The Paradise Of The Life-Gods,
...The Heavens Of The Ideal, In The Self Of Mind,
The World Soul
And The Kingdoms Of The Greater Knowledge
Even the most sublime levels of Life do not provide the solution to find a Power which enables life on earth to become divine. With a calm mind and detached heart, Aswapati turns his gaze away from the visible face of Nature towards the invisible vastnesses of the infinity from which our universe has been born. The Descent Into Night enables him to see the evil lurking at the roots of Life. He becomes aware of a hidden Power which seems to be giving birth to the world and at the same time destroying it. The hidden heart of Night is a spiritless Infinity, denying Truth and wanting to abolish God. There is no Light, no divineSoul there. Carefully guarding the flame of his divine Spirit, Aswapati penetrates to the last locked subconscient’s floor, where he finds the secret key of Nature’s change. Hell dissolves. Soul lights up the conscious body; Matter and Spirit mingle and become one. Immediately Aswapati’s being is projected into The Paradise Of The Life-Gods. Immersed in Light, perpetually divine, free from all adverse circumstances, that world lives in a jewel-rhythm of the laughter of God and universal love. He at last finds calm and heavenly rest and his wounds are healed by the embraces of pure blissful divine Energies. Entering The Heavens Of The Ideal, he is able to move freely through all the kingdoms of the Ideal Mind. He accepts their beauty and their greatness but does not remain in any of them. It is that none is willing to sacrifice its separate identity in order to find its own soul in the world’s single soul. He passes towards a diviner sphere where the radiant children of Eternity dwell in the immutable and inviolate Truth, forever united on the wide spiritual height where all are one. That is the goal he is aiming for. Then journeying In The Self Of Mind Aswapati finds himself alone. He feels that he can remain forever in this ultimate Self and ultimate Silence. His soul is at peace, it knows and is one with the cosmic whole. But by a mysterious sound and hidden call to unforeseen delight, he enters into the realm of The World Soul. This is
the source of all finite life. Here all is soul or made of sheer soul-stuff. There is revealed to him the sole omnipotent Goddess, the Supreme Mother. As soon as he glimpses
her, his spirit is made a vessel of her force. He is overwhelmed with Bliss; his soul emits a cry of adoration and surrender as he falls unconscious at her feet. On the last step to the supernal birth, in The Kingdoms Of The Greater Knowledge Aswapati walks along a narrow edge of extinction and thrills with the presence of the Ineffable. He is able to scan the secrets of the Overmind and bear the rapture of the Oversoul. Living on the borders of the Supramental Empire of the Sun, he links creation to the Eternal’s sphere.
A Panergy that harmonised all life / Held now existence in its vast control; / A portion of that majesty he was made. (p.300)
His will takes up the reins of cosmic Force. He has reached the summit of The World-Stair. Aswapati’s journey and experiences in The Traveller of the Worlds in Savitri, from the base of Matter into the unknowable summits of the Spirit, is Sri Aurobindo’s own journey and a reflection of his own spiritual labour.
A meditative film of Huta’s paintings illustrating passages from Savitri read by The Mother and accompanied by her own organ music which can connect us to the Divine Presence within and lead us towards the spiritual truth and the New Consciousness.
At the Savitri Bhavan website in Invocation #50 one can
read more about the contents of the Cantos.
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