Diaphragmatic Breathing, Joints & Glands and Systematic Relaxation - w/ Viraj @ Vérité

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access_time Jan 18, Tue @ 09:00 AM
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Diaphragmatic Breathing, Joints & Glands and Systematic Relaxation:

Tuesday 18 Jan to Friday 21 Jan.

Learn yoga practices that strengthen & support the breath, relax the nervous system, slow down the heart rate, and improve joint health & blood circulation throughout the body.We will explore breathing through the diaphragm in crocodile pose (makarasana), and subtle movements of the joints from forehead to toes, along with regulation of the glands, then followed by systematic relaxation of the whole body. These practices develop resilience & better management of stress.

Detailed Schedule:
Tuesday 18 Jan from 9 to 10:30 am
Wednesday 19 Jan from 9 to 10 am
Thursday 20 Jan from 9 to 10 am
Friday 20 Jan from 9 to 10 am
Inclined to spirituality & yoga since early childhood & in a quest for deep wisdom, Viraj has travelled widely & learned practices, traditionally & professionally, from the core traditions of yoga. He is a certified yoga teacher who has studied at Lakulish Yoga University, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, and Bihar School of Yoga. 

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