Breathing workshop

location_on Sve Dame, Well cafe
access_time Jan 17, Mon @ 09:00 AM
visibility Published for Aurovilians & Newcomers only
Breathing workshop 
   (At my place, not at wellcafe)
For volunteers, newcomers and aurovilians, at Svedame.
 17 - 22 january
 9.00 - 12.00
 Simple explainations, technics and exercises, based on anatomy, Yoga, Pranayama, ChiKung, Vipassana, Feldenkrais.
 Free of charge. 
 Improve the breath ...deep, slow, regular.
 Improve the posture.
 Achieve deep relaxation.
 Develop awareness in the body.
 Get in contact with your Self.
 Improve Health.
 Help clear vision.
 Help control on emotional reactions.
 .....if you are ready to .😉
 Marie Noëlle, Svedame
 2622989 Svedame
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