JIVA Integral Regressiontherpy Modul 1

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 Integral regressiontherapy is an integration of trauma therapy, pastlife regression therapy, inner child work, NLP, and a client centric approach is practiced. 
Typically, integral regression therapy addresses unexplainable pains, traumata from accidents or early childhood, questions about past lives, life purpose or restricting behaviour patterns.
This is the first session of Modul 1 !
Sigrid`s  recent interview with the Ubiquity University, San Francisco "Integral Yoga Applied: Healing and Transformation with Integral Regression Therapy" : 
Sigrid Lindemann offers an in- depths training through a  series of 4 webinars presenting the theory of this deeply healing approach. 
Therapists wishing to integrate this approach in their psychotherapeutic or body- mind – healing work shall participate in presence sessions,  of 3  3- day workshops in Auroville, to practice facilitating the 2hrs therapy sessions, and their own personal  work and transformation.   
Sigrid Lindemann is integrating her large professional background in this focussed approach to transforming deep, longstanding issues towards an evolving consciousness and purpose of life.  Sigrid is a transpersonal regressiontherapist, trainer in hypnotherapy and teacher of advanced classical homeopathy, with her  background in Integral Yoga, living over 20 years in Auroville, Pondicherry.  Your Journey in Healing and Transformation 
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