Vibrational Sound Bath

location_on Auromodele
access_time Every Sat @ 02:00 PM from Apr 23
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Sound Bath with the Russian Singing Bells: 

Experience deep interiorization, tranquility and self-healing invoked by harmonious resonating sounds of the unique instrument from Russia. Silent listening to the play of deep tones and resonances induces a state of quietness in the mind, peace in the heart and happy relaxation in the body. Base frequencies of the bells help to reset the whole system to its original equilibrium, bringing the feeling of completeness, centering and integration. Led by Vera and Ashesh Joshi
Duration 1h30

PLEASE REGISTER prior to the session ph/What’s App/Telegram 948 914 7202, 948 624 7202 
Regular open groups sessions MON-FR, SUN 3 PM , SAT 11 AM AND 2 PM 
 Individual, Family and Group sessions on request.