Yoga of Forgiveness - with Dr.Sehdev @ Vérité

location_on Vérité
access_time Oct 14, Sat @ 02:00 PM
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Saturday, October 14 - 2:00pm – 4:30pm 

From the Darkness of Hatred & Indifference 
To the Light of Forgiveness is a momentous step 
From Fear & Festering Revenge 
To the Courage of Being is the True Journey of the Spirit 
We must let go 
What ties us to the prison bars 
And dream once again of Freedom. 
In this freedom alone 
lies our true 

A scholar of history and philosophy of science, and of international cinema,
Sehdev Kumar has written and commented extensively about
science/religion dialogue and bioethical issues. He is author of several
books – Lotus in the Stone, How’s & Why’s of an Unexpected Universe,
Matters of Life & Death: Reflections on Bioethics, Law and Human Destiny.
Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies at Life Institute, Ryerson
University, Canada, he is also a Distinguished Professor of Culture &
Communication in Himgiri University in India.