Private Transformational Yoga classes

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Hello beautiful beings, 

I am  offering  customized private yoga classes designed for you

Private workshops are also available:

3 - 6 - 9  days with:

* Transformational Yoga 
* Pranayama to release Fear, Anger and Anxiety 
* Pranayama to achieve Peace, Calm, Quietude and Clarity 
* Forest Silent walking meditation awakening the senses

Transformational yoga:

Transformational yoga is inspired by  Mother and Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga 

It is an innovative and highly effective yogic system, which synthesizes techniques of Hatha, Raja, Mantra, and Kundalini Yoga to bring about rapid transformation within the mind, body and spirit. Powerful, yet gentle, everyone can reap the benefits of this purifying yoga practice.


I took a six days yoga and meditation session with Lakshmi in Auroville. My experience was very rejuvenating and calm. I was having sleeping disorders due to my hectic work schedules. The yoga and meditation session was a transforming experience for me. A huge thanks to Lakshmi, she helped me practice based on my body type, flexibility and strength. I got better sleep from the third day of the workshop and now is getting better and better at night after one month of eating healthy food, practising yoga and meditation regularly."  

I have participated in the 6 days  Transformational  Yoga workshop given by Lakshmi and it has been a delighful experience. 

For the very first time I really liked to do and enjoy the asanas but it was not only about that.  She combined slowing down, yoga  with breathing,  humming and mindful movements. I didn't like yoga in the past, but this practice helped me to bring the mind in the present moment, become aware of the body, of the breath,  and simply enjoy being instead of just doing poses. I was able to discover the beauty of micro movements and listen to my body and at the same time tap into powerful stilness by achiving more with less effort. It felt very powerful. 

Lakshmi's presence is gentle  and her attentiveness and supportive voice helped me with ease to follow the processs.  She creates a welcoming and serene atmoshere and quides  so was able to enjoy almost effortlessly awakening the energy of my body and cheerfulness. 

With gratitude and joy for this experience of gentelness, power and Joy

Hello dear Lakshmi, 
I’m so glad I met you and had an opportunity to do a course with you. I’m grateful for your time and the ease with which you conduct a session. There’s no rush, it just flows with grace. 
Those 5 days were the most peaceful and graceful. 

What I love the most were our conversations after the sessions. It was very kind of you to help me process and reflect on the stuff that surfaced during the sessionsessions. It had helped me a lot to truly bring the transformation from inside. 

To talk about the practice
 I like the way how we gently bring our attention to the present moment, and smoothly transitioning into stretching and then pleasantly chanting the mantra OM MA. I like the way how you give instructions on getting into the posture, is clear and well guided. 

I appreciate the way how You patiently ask us bring our attention to our center whenever you catch us getting distracted. And how you check with us if we want to do more asanas or rest. You don’t push us for more. 

It was the most fun and loving learning experience. 
You have a special place in my heart. 
I love you soo much. 
Thank you for everything my divine sister. 

For appointments Contact  me at:

84 89 76 46 02  or 

Activity offered under Abhaya a Unit of ASSA Trust 

About Lakshmi:

Ever since I was a young girl I felt that I had come into the world for a special mission. I was looking for truth and a purpose in life.
 I felt we must have come onto this Earth for something special and magical, something that goes beyond our immediate perception. So even from a young age I was searching for the path of yoga, to understand and integrate with life. 

 I studied and specialised in several massage techniques and energy healing therapies which I have been practicing for over 20 years. 

I have attended  200hours Shivananda Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, and
 200hours Transformationalal Yoga  teacher Training in Tamil Nadu. 

 During my journey in India I was inspired to combine voice, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks. With this combination I created the 'Sound Chakras Healing Therapy' that I have been offering for the last 6 years. 

 Through practicing and facilitating Transformational yoga I have seen, experienced and embodied many benefits, which I share with others with love and passion. I have been facilitating these courses for several years and I still continuously feel new potential unfolding through them. 

 I love to share with passion:
 *. How to improve awareness and presence
 *. Ways to embody being, rather than be caught in the loop of doing
 *. Finding ways to treat our bodies with compassion 
 *. Refining our capacity for observation and clarity
*. How to breathe  :)
 And many more! 😊
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