Taoist Qi Gong with Elisa T (in French)

location_on Pitanga
access_time Every Tue @ 07:30 AM from Feb 07
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Taoist Qi Gong
with Elisa T.
The Taoist Masters developed from their observation
of all natural phenomena and its relation to us
human beings the theory of the Five Elements:
Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. These
elements accompany us at every moment of the
year and their cycles invite us to come back to
ourselves, to our vital sources to untie and free the
meridians, the organs and the breath.
The practice of the Five Elements Qi Gong harmonizes
the functioning of the internal organs and
opens the body’s energetic pathways to prevent
disease, promote healing and recharge the body.
We will be practicing slow
movements, postures, breathing,
sounds, relaxation,
meditations and self-massage,
adapted from Master
Mantak Chia and differents
teachers (Gérard Hedde and
Alain Baudet) of the Taoist Qi Gong.