Stress Management

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 Aurinoco Webinars
Stress Management
6:15PM - 7:15 PM on 25th November (Friday), 26th Saturday & 27th Sunday
Modern life led to unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and worry. We heal, repair and regenerate naturally but stress obstructs our self-healing and self-regulating processes and accelerates aging. Unmanaged stress undermines your productivity, health and wellbeing. Managing stress could significantly reduce such deleterious effects and enable you to be more effective in the moment, even in difficult situations. This is a non-religious primer in stress management with emphasis on ‘how to’; based on a fusion of ancient wisdom of Yoga and modern scientific research.
Friday:  Science of stress, first-aid for stress, stress busters
Saturday: Prevention of stress, relieving emotional stress
Sunday: Handling negative thoughts, worry, anxiety, fears etc. and building resilience
In the spirit of Auroville, this event is open and free to all. Please join the webinar in time and keep your microphones muted till question time. It is best to attend all the three sessions.
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About JV
I was diagnosed with four incurable diseases in 1987 and the medical opinion was that I would not live beyond the age of 50. I am now 76, and enjoy excellent health and wellbeing; thanks to Yoga. I lived in Auroville from 2007 to 2016 and am facilitating workshops and retreats since 2008. For details, please visit

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