Self Love & Awareness : Inner Journey-Meditation Retreat

location_on Vérité
access_time Jan 27, Fri @ 09:00 AM
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“Love and Awareness are two wings of the bird to fly in the open sky of life”

•Experiential journey for self Discovery, Healing & Growth with Awareness exercises, Meditations, Psychology & Inner Science
•Deepen Body connection, Mind observation, Emotion Exploration & Energy tuning
•Learn to embrace emotions of anger, pain, fear,… with Love
•Accept & Heal past holdings with Forgiveness & Gratitude
•Explore needs, assumptions, beliefs, projections & triggers
•Access true self & inner resources beyond masks & layers
•Rejuvenate Inner Child, Enhance flow, Enrich presence and Evolve from Reaction to Response
•Taking care of the Inner Garden with Love and Awareness

Detailed Schedule:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday- 27th, 28th & 29th January  
  • Organizing Group: Verite