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We may think we are "one" in our personality, that always the same "I" is feeling, thinking, acting, but this is not true!A Self Introspection  process reveals to us that we are constituted of different inner subpersonalities.We unconsciously identify ourselves with some and repress others ...This situation creates inner conflicts, a disturbing or painful state of being compulsively stuck in the groove of habitual ways of being and interacting, some of them obviously self sabotaging.To give voice to these "energy patterns" ( inner dialogue work) brings them to our conscious awareness.An awakening then occurs , a "stepping back" giving us at last a " choice maker" position of freeing, empowering, healing  and balancing them.We open up to the creative wealth of our unexplored selves for a more fluid, fulfilling life... 
by Antarjyoti, French senior Aurovilian since 1990, who has been sharing his lifelong research and meditation and has been giving psycho spiritual consultations and workshops for the last 10 years as part of the Arka team of practitioners.

The spirit of my consultations is to bring Light into darkness. in the three different types of sessions I am offering( introspective Tarot, deconditioning self inquiry, discovering our inner forces/sub personalities) , there are three distinct angles through which this can be achieved. 

We all yearn for happiness, yet often, we unknowingly create the conditions for unhappiness. That's why it is of the utmost importance to cultivate right inner awareness in order to understand what is happening within ourselves from a truer perspective . The “root” of our perception of the world, our happiness or unhappiness  and our external actions can be found within, and only by illuminating this, can we progress towards a more positive and fulfilling life. From quality of Being comes quality of acting ( karma )… 

I am genuinely enthusiastic about working with you on your issues and challenging life situations. Together, we can uncover liberating truths that can dissolve the pain or confusion of these challenges, most of the time within the session itself..…. It is always a wonderfully rewarding, almost "magical" experience for me as a facilitator to see someone enter the consultation room, stressed and burdened by certain issues, and then leave the session feeling lighter, with a broad smile on their face, and endowed with a truer and empowering way of looking at life's challenges.

However, for this joyful transformation to happen, it requires your motivation to discover the truth, the willingness to engage in self-improvement, the courage and openness to question the beliefs and attitudes you may typically take for granted...

Those interested to take  
private, one to one consultations ,
( in french or english)  in ARKA WELLNESS CENTRE , AUROVILLE can phone  Antarjyoti : 0413- 262 37 67 , ( or by email: 
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