Pranayama & Meditation with Radhika @ Vérité

location_on Vérité
access_time Every Mon @ 09:15 AM from Aug 07
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You will be guided in breathwork techniques such as Suka, Nadi Shodana and Kapala Bhati as well as Meditation, all of which help to develop focus and breath awareness, enabling grounding and re-balancing of the nervous system. 

Bio:  Since 2016, Radhika has practiced craniosacral therapy, foot-reflexology and yoga, while engaging full-time in public health research. From 2022 onwards, she has been focussing on teaching yoga, giving therapies and researching Integral Yoga at Vérité, Auroville. She is passionate about assimilating yoga and alternative therapies into mainstream health.
  • Craniosacral practioner (Medical Health Academy, Austria)
  • Foot refexology (OEGIT, Austria)
  • Anusara Yoga TTC (RYT 300) (Austria, India)
  • Ph.D Applied Medical Sciences (Public Health) (Medical University of Vienna)