Mindfulness with Heart with Moller @ Verite

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Mindfulness with Heart with Moller @ Verite,
Tuesday - 4, 18, or 25 April from 9.30 -12 pm          

Thursday - 6, 20, or 27 April from 9.30 - 12 pm
Mindfulness meditation takes us into the heart of our innate ability to be aware. When exploring this form of awareness meditation, we  gradually discover the  wisdom, compassion and mutuality present in every living moment of our lives.

Although we may generally be unaware of these refined human qualities, mindfulness meditation elicits in us a process of awakening into who we truly are -  beyond words, dogmas and limiting self-beliefs. We gradually begin to fathom the depth of our human potential, and through the practice gain  confidence in the sustainability of our own clarity and wisdom.

No special talent or qualification is required for effective Mindfulness meditation. We learn as we go along. All are warmly invited to join us for these informal workshops. 
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