Peace with Pranayama with Mamta @Verite

location_on Vérité
access_time Every Sat @ 07:30 AM from Jul 06
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No class on 24 February

Prana is the vital force or subtle bio energy which keeps us alive & functioning in the healthiest way possible. Yogic practices like Pranayama help nourish this Prana which in turn nourishes our mind & body. Pranayama is a modulation or regulation of Prana, done via controlled breathing exercises. We will  the meaning of Prana & Pranayama, it’s references in Yogic texts, prerequisites for Pranayama, postures, mudras & explore the interconnectedness of mind, body & breath. The session concludes with a brief relaxation in Shavasana. 
  • Organizing Group: Verite
  • Phone: 0413 2622 045
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