JIVA Inner Child Work in the perspective of Integral Yoga

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 Inner Child Work  
is an approach offered in Integral Regression Therapy to foster self confidence,  and support letting go of early belief systems.The therapist holds the space to allow an early, even very early childhood experience to surface for healing. The adult client is empowered for healing himself, with the skilled facilitation of the Integral Regression therapist. 
Inner Child Work can be practised as a session itself, or woven into a counselling or therapy session. It is especially effective in self confidence and relationship issues, lack of self love, and limiting belief systems.
Inner Child Work will be presented in the perspective of education and parenting in the perspective of Integral Yoga, as described by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
We offer a  presentation cum workshop on 22 & 23 Feb 10 -1 pm ,
All are welcome!
Contribution required.
Facilitator Sigrid Lindemann, founder and teacher in Integral Regression Therapy, supervisor in "Transpersonal Regression Therapy",  and international faculty in advanced Homeopathy (Sensation Method Dr. Sankaran), in Germany and Auroville, living in Auroville, Pondicherry for more then 20 years. 
Watch Sigrids interview with Jim Garrison, Ubiquity University, San Francisco, California on “Integral Yoga applied: Heal and transformation with Integral Regression Therapy” Your journey in healing and transformation
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