Film - 'Realising the Supermind: The Summit of Sri Aurobindo's Sadhana'

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Realising the Supermind: The Summit of Sri Aurobindo's Sadhana
A lecture by Dr Alok Pandey about Walking the Supramental Path.
Monday, 12 February 2024, 4 pm at SAVITRI BHAVAN. Duration: 64min.
Sri Aurobindo uses the terms ‘Supermind’ and ‘Supramental’ to signify the consciousness-force working for the realization of a new evolutionary step on earth.  
In the last chapters of The Synthesis of Yoga he describes his insights into the several levels and functions of the Supermind and Supramental: its working in Nature, Supramental Thought and Knowledge, Supramental Instruments-Thought Process, Supramental Sense, Towards the Supramental Time Vision and Time consciousness.
In 1920 Sri Aurobindo wrote in a letter to his brother Barin about his sadhana: “After fifteen years I am only now rising into the lowest of the three levels of the Supermind and trying to draw up into it all the lower activities.”
Later a lot of experiences and changes took place, especially after 1956 when the Supramental consciousness-force descended upon earth. Transformation started everywhere and the very process of sadhana changed. The Mother communicated that the Supramental is working and by its very nature it is freedom and infinity.
Dr Alok Pandey reflects further on the Supermind as the Creator and the Supreme who has two aspects of the Truth of all Existence, Satyam. It is the static Truth, and it is the Truth in its dynamic aspect which awakens the truth hidden in the depths of matter and in the inconscient.
The Supreme Divine has taken millions of years with successive efforts to create the mountains, the stars, the galaxies, plant life, animal life, and supported stages of human life with increasing readiness to receive light from the higher plans. 
The Creator himself plunged into creation and became the creation because the Divine wants his creation to be supramentalised for a life divine on earth. That is the original Divine project, and some of the Vedic rishis speak about it as the home of Truth.
Throughout history, Sri Krishna has been leading man to a new and wide Divine path of karma yoga and surrender here on earth.
Sri Aurobindo, himself a rishi, plunged into the depths of matter and the darkest corner of existence to bring light and consciousness there. He surrendered to the Divine Mother and opened new pathways for a Life Divine on earth. The experiences of his sadhana are recorded in the poem Savitri, The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds, and in his poems.
In the Integral Yoga and Supramental Path of Sri Aurobindo, surrender and karma yoga are basic features for spiritual seekers, besides other qualities as equanimity, sincerity, wideness, plasticity, silence of the mind, faith in the Divine and openness to the Divine Will.
When the psychic is open and an urge for progress and self-mastery are there, the Supermind will be active. On the way forward to Supermind and Supramental truth consciousness, surrender to the Divine and Infinite Mother is essential. 
The film is also available on YouTube.  
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