Yoga Asana- Awaken the guide within you with Aishwarya

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‘We will gradually enable the observer’
It’s no secret that we’re all deeply connected to our bodies, and in our body lays intelligence, which sets the tone for habits and patterns of movement.
‘We will transfer a set of guidelines to our bodies; making deliberate shifts to safer individualistic variations’
A yoga asana practice can be used as a tool to observe these patterns, create connections, and make corrections, while maintaining awareness and control.
Addressing the breath and its role in the body is important as a determining factor to the intention and experience of the body in any posture.
Drawing inspiration from other movement modalities and studies in the practice will aid in visualizing the body as one whole, intrinsically connected, energetic vessel.
‘We will check-in and take notes to gain insight’
Our guide takes notes throughout the practice, consciously and subconsciously, the body and breath will talk with the mind and vice-versa, while the observer watches.
Challenging ourselves to practice the same asana in a non-conventional, open manner, that suits our individual needs, will be the underlying theme in this class.
‘We will revisit and evaluate’
The student will be equipped with:
1 15 minute session for a home practice, check-in (Physical, mental) 
1 30 minute session for a home practice, check-in (Physical, mental, emotional), Release (Physical,mental)
1 60 minute session for a home practice check-in (Physical, mental, emotional), Release (Physical,mental), Adapt (Physical, mental)
1 75 minute session for a home practice check-in (Physical, mental, emotional), Release (Physical,mental), Adapt (Physical, mental), Restore (Physical, mental)
Each practice will have a general outline with specific modifications as per the participants’ current physical condition.
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