Yoga - Balance and Strength with Aishwarya at Vérité

location_on Vérité
access_time Every Wed @ 07:00 AM from Jul 03 onwards
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A 75-minute beginner level practice, in which the focus is primarily on creating stability in the joints, strength in the muscles and ease in the breath. The goal is to train the mind to center the body throughout the practice. 

Why should I practice this?

1) Balance training is a simple but effective practice, open to all ages, to improve overall strength

2) Good for: Core strength, Preventing back pain, supporting joints, etc.

3) It is an excellent place to begin your fitness journey

4) It is low-impact 

6) Beginner-advanced level variations will be given (depending on the practitioner)

5) It will calm the mind, making it steady and still, a combination that is ideal for meditation

How will I practice this?

1) Using the principles of Classical Hatha yoga

2) Sequencing includes balancing:

    Asana - Postures

   Pranayama – Breathing Techniques

   'OM' Chanting



  • Organizing Group: Verite
  • Phone: 4132622045
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