Anger, “Facing Mental Challenges on the Spiritual Path” (4)

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“Facing Mental Challenges on the Spiritual Path” (4)


Dr. Alok Pandey, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Saturday 20 July, 9.30 to 11am, at SAVITRI BHAVAN, SANGAM HALL

“Anger is a violent reaction of the vital to some shock that is unpleasant to it; and when it involves words or thoughts, the mind responds to the influence of the vital and also reacts violently. Any expression of anger is the sign of a lack of self-control.” (CWM, some answers from the Mother, 11 May 1966)

How can one deal with mental disorders on the spiritual path in the light of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s teachings? What about anger?

Anger is a very profound, while powerful emotion, that may surprise ourselves, even if we think of it as an old pattern we already got rid of for good.

On the other hand, is anger really addressed to a specific situation and/or person, or is it actually addressed to oneself? To our incapacity to cope and/or accept the current situation? Can it be good to release anger under the psychosomatic point of view?

Sometimes anger triggers us, totally randomly, like the last drop that makes the cup overflow, that could lead us to understand that the cup was already full. Full of what? Full of anger?

Is anger possibly linked to adverses forces, who aim at endlessly making us fail from our spiritual path?

The presentation will start with a 30-minute talk by Dr. Alok Pandey on the topic, followed by questions and answers from the audience.

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